A Beautiful Crumbling Door


A Beautiful Crumbling Door

Oh, beautiful water door, how many past secrets do you hold close? Who has slipped in and out of your worn beauty, going undetected by steely eyes peering out of the windows that flank you on either sides? What perhaps went on? Venice always lets my imagination run wild, countless stories running vividly in my head. 


Each Fine Art image is printed on demand onto 308g matt rag cotton paper using Fine Art archival inks.

Film grain and blur are intentional.

This print comes unmounted, unmatted and unframed so you can personalize for any location.

Please allow 8-10 business days from the date you order for your order to arrive, as each print is printed especially for you.

Due to the situation with Covid-19, there may be some delays in printing and delivery.


  9 x 12" inch  (22 x 30cm)

12 x 16" inch  (30 x 40cm)

15 x 20" inch  (38 x 51cm)

18 x 24" inch  (45 x 60cm)

If you are interested in a larger print please get in touch at bridget@venicebybridge.com. Grazie!