Welcome To My Venice

It started as most love affairs do. A joyful heart that fluttered during our first meeting, hello gorgeous, look at you!

Leaving Venice after each trip, there'd be a missing I couldn't shake. A longing that never went away.

Over the years, Venice continued to work her way into my heart. I wanted to live alongside that beautiful crumbling mess that was her very soul. Never leaving for long or ever forgetting her, searching for a way to stay. I plotted and planned for a future that would include a life in Venice. Until one day, it happened.

I learned that love is a powerful motivator. I'm grateful that my story had a happy ending.

Since you found your way here, chances are you have an Italian love affair of your own going on. You might recognize a familiar spot in my photos and feel that same tug. Especially this year, when we all dream about the places we miss.

I'm delighted to share this first series in my shop. I hope you'll feel inspired to bring some Venice magic home.

From my heart to yours. xx

A Beautiful Crumbling Mess

Amid things looking messy, appearing to crumble, there is beauty still to be found. Light pushes through the tiniest crack, a small but convincing reminder of hope.

From that hope, who knows what might emerge. A fresh idea, a creative pursuit or a new purpose?

Life isn’t always perfect. There are messy days which can be challenging to navigate. Yet, it can also be a beautiful time of growth. Not long ago I was that crumbling muddled mess. I looked for one small sliver of light and started to dream big. It changed my life.

I'd love a print of mine to hang on one of your walls. To inspire you, bring you joy, and make each day a little more beautiful.

Bringing Beauty to your walls

Are you dreaming of your next trip to Venice?

Explore my photos, rediscover the familiar places, and start to plan for when you can finally pack your bags and get on that plane, train, or automobile and head to La Serenissima!

Grab a glass of prosecco and have a peek around my print shop. My wish is that my photos spark a memory of a place you can't wait to return to - a calle you've walked down or a gondola ride you've never forgotten. Memories of our travels are what we cherish long after we've returned home.

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