A Beautiful Crumbling Mess

I love to find beauty in the everyday. Ordinary small moments we might not see is what I hope to capture in my photography. 

My first series comes from the days I've remembered to bring my camera with me as I go about my day. Something catches my eye as I pass by. I turn around to stop and capture it. Something that inspires me, gets my creativity going. Often it will brighten a tough day, put a smile on my sometimes cynical face. 

Typically it's found in unlikely places. An old weathered splintered door, a teetering wall with tiny flowers jabbing thru the bricks, a line of laundry hung with skillful precision and care. Two ladies meeting at the same cafe religiously every morning for their quick gossip and shot of espresso. Sometimes even a cheeky spritz! I love it all. It's been a comfort, a steadiness, in these uncertain, wobbly times to witness.

Venice, during this long year, has nurtured my soul and my creativity as well. I've wanted to find a creative outlet in my life, a desire to bring all those ideas I've had since I was a little girl in Northern California to life. I loved writing little stories and making books out of printer paper and cardboard stolen from my Dad's office in San Francisco, drawing the images in crayon. Finding photography has let me create a new set of images.

I'm a long way from that little girl, but a spark was lit. I'm so excited to share this print shop with you. Opening up this print shop has reinforced to me and hopefully you too, dear reader, that it's never too late to follow your dreams, to start something new, to share what brings you joy.

I should know, because in December I turn 60, no shame in my birthday game! (I say that now) The next decade's plan is to keep growing and creating. I hope you'll come along and share it with me.